Can you do DUI school Online Florida? Attention: The state of Florida does not accept any “online DUI classes” as a means to satisfying the Florida Courts, Probation, or DMV for anyone who received a DUI in the state of Florida. You will need to attend a local class in person.

How long does it take to complete DUI school in Florida? The Level I course involves a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction incorporating informative and interactive educational techniques. The Level II course involves a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time using primarily interactive educational techniques in a group setting.

How much is a DUI course in Florida? 

DUI Program Service Fees
Level II – Registration* (includes $5 for Driver Risk Inventory-DRI) $445
Level II – 1st Course Reassignment within 90 days of enrollment $60
Level II – 2nd Course Reassignment within 90 days of enrollment $120

How do I enroll in DUI school in Florida? DUI School Enrollment Steps

You must live or work in Seminole, Orange, Osceola or Brevard Counties of Florida. Enrollment begins at one of our Orange, Seminole, Osceola or Brevard Counties offices. Enrollment is a 2-hour process; therefore, you will need to arrive no later than 2 hours prior close of business.

Can you do DUI school Online Florida? – Additional Questions

Does Florida DUI school drug test?

2 attorney answers

No. They will not drug test you at DUI School.

How long is the DUI level 2 in Florida?

DUI Level 2: Florida Statute (F.S) 316.193(5) & Florida Administrative Rule 15a. 10- Licensure under Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle. Approved 21 hour course of evaluation and instruction.

What is Level 2 DUI school in Florida?

The DUI Level II Drug and Alcohol Education Course is designed to specially address issues pertaining to clients who have been convicted of more than one alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense and includes a substance abuse evaluation.

How much is a hardship license in Florida?

How Much Is a Hardship License in Florida? The fee to file for a hardship license is $12.00, but you may be required to pay additional fees depending on the specific factors surrounding your case, such as why your license was suspended and the type of DUI conviction you have.

What is DUI education?

Feb 21, 2019. Rehabilitation centers offer drug and alcohol education programs to teach people about the risk of addiction. Often called “DUI school” or “DUI classes,” this type of program may be court-ordered after a DUI arrest. However, these programs are about much more than fulfilling court requirements.

What is a DRI test?

The Driver Risk Inventory (DRI) is a brief, easily administered and automated (computer scored and interpreted) test that is specifically designed for use with OWl (Driving While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offenders.

What is the Mortimer Filkins test?

The test demonstrates high degrees of internal-consistency reliability, test-retest reliability and concurrent validity. It has been shown to be predictive of drink-driver racidivism and the occurrence of work injuries and injury-related absences.

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