How do I wear my AAA safety patrol belt? Belts should lay on the right shoulder and buckled in the front. Badges should be pinned on the front of the shoulder strap at chest level. Badges should only be removed if the belt is being cleaned. The printed “Safety Patrol” side of the belt should be on the patroller’s back.

How do I become a good safety patrol? Be courteous and polite at all times. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Wear the patrol belt and badge proudly. Remind classmates of safe walking rules without being bossy.

What are the responsibilities of a safety patrol? The patrol member’s job is to protect students from traffic hazards. They are there to remind students of safety rules and assist them in crossing the street safely. Patrol members should be reminded that reporting for duty on time and not leaving early are crucial.

What is the meaning of safety patrol? Student safety patrols enhance enforcement of drop-off and pick-up procedures at school by increasing safety for students and traffic flow efficiency for parents. Such efforts allow students to participate in promoting traffic safety where they learn skills they can use in their everyday lives.

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When did safety patrol begin?

The School Safety Patrol program was started in 1946 by the California State Automobile Association to ensure the safe crossing of children to and from school. The safety patrol program continues is a vital part of promoting traffic safety around Scott Lane.

Who invented safety patrol?

A safety patrol was instituted in Seattle, Washington in 1928, with Seattle Police Department Captain George W. Kimball organizing the city’s program, and served as director from 1928 to his death in 1961. Kids would simply come to call them School Patrol.

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