How do you childproof a fireplace? 

How to Baby Proof a Fireplace
  1. Put a Gate Around Your Fireplace.
  2. Add a Glass Door to Your Fireplace.
  3. Make Sure You Keep Your Chimney Clean at All Times.
  4. Protect Your Children From the Fireplace Hearth.
  5. Keep Your Fireplace Tools Out of Reach.
  6. Explain to Your Children the Dangers of a Fire.

How do you childproof a brick fireplace? 

How do you make a fireplace hearth cover? 

What is a hearth fireplace? A fireplace hearth is the floor area within a fireplace. It is made from noncombustible materials, such as brick or stone. The hearth extension is the noncombustible material in front of and at the sides of a fireplace opening.

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Do fireplaces add value to your home?

Will a fireplace add value to your home? According to The National Association of Realtors, adding a fireplace can raise your home value by as much as $12,000.

What is the seat in front of a fireplace called?

Hearth. Called the outer hearth or hearth extension, this is the area in front of the firebox or inner hearth that’s made of brick or tile to reduce the risk of fires. Fireplace Face. The fireplace face or surround is the part of the fireplace surrounding the firebox that you see in the room.

What’s the difference between a hearth and a fireplace?

In fireplace design, the hearth is the part of the fireplace where the fire burns, usually consisting of fire brick masonry at floor level or higher, underneath the fireplace mantel.

Do I need a hearth for my fireplace?

A hearth is typically found with traditional open fireplaces but isn’t found with some other types of fireplaces, so do you need a hearth for your fireplace? A fireplace hearth is a necessity for all solid fuel burning fireplaces, including wood burning fireplaces and stoves.

What do you put in a fireplace hearth?

Stone, brick, cement, or fire-rated drywall finish are go-to materials for making fireplace hearths durable and fireproof. They’re also fairly adaptable when it comes to design: They can be left as they are or painted to match surrounding elements in a room.

Does a hearth have to be raised?

It also helps keep passers by a safe distance away from the scaldingly hot stove exterior and prevents people accidentally placing combustibles too close to the stove. For this reason, regulations also state your hearth should be ‘visually apparent’, with the edge ideally raised above the level of the floor.

Can you put a hearth on wooden floor?

Transitioning from hardwood to a hearth is tricky, whether the hearth is level with the floor or raised. The wood requires expansion gaps on all sides to give it room to expand and contract with humidity changes without buckling.

How high off the floor should a fireplace be?

To achieve the electric fireplace’s visual effect at eye level from a seated position, the Floor’s recommended distance should be about 40-42″ off the Floor. This is a comfortable enough distance and precisely places the flames in your line of sight from a seated position.

Can fireplace hearth be flush with floor?

A flush hearth is level with the floor. Most fireplaces have flush hearths. A flush hearth uses fewer materials than a raised hearth and is less expensive to build than a raised hearth. It also saves you more space.

Why do fireplaces have raised hearths?

One of the benefits of a raised hearth is that the mouth of the fireplace is slightly more distanced from the floor of the room which helps to reduce the risk of sparks and embers singing the carpet or nearby rugs. Another benefit is that, with taller raised hearths, the area can be used for extra seating.

How do you make a flush hearth?

How big does a fireplace hearth have to be?

Also, the hearth extension must extend at least 16″ from the front of the fireplace and 8″ on the sides for smaller fireplaces. When the opening of the fireplace is at least 6 square feet, the hearth extension needs to extend at least 20″ from the front of the fireplace, and 12″ on the sides.

What is code for tile around fireplace?

All combustible materials must be 6″+ from the opening of the firebox. The National Fire Code requires all combustible material to be at least 6 inches from the opening of the firebox. For every 1/8 inch of protruding combustible material, you must account for an additional inch of clearance.

How far should a hearth stick out?

How Far Does A Hearth Stick Out? According to InterNACHI (International Association of Home Inspectors), a freestanding fireplace must have a hearth measuring at minimum 33x 33 inches; furthermore, at each side of the fireplace, the hearth must extend 8 inches, and the front should extend 16 inches.

Do you have to have tile in front of a fireplace?

An apron of marble or granite tile directly in front of your fireplace is common, but not necessary.

What type of flooring is best in front of fireplace?

Laminate Flooring

It makes an ideal choice in front of a fireplace because laminate flooring can withstand the heat given off by the fireplace. The hearth protects the laminate from absorbing too much of that heat, so the flooring maintains its shape.

What can I put on the floor in front of my fireplace?

For a solution that is less invasive but just as effective, purchase a hearth pad or fireplace rug to lay in front of the hearth. Pads made of tile or other hard materials can often act like a hearth extension, but even a decorative fire-retardant rug can add some protection.

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