How safe are automatic pool covers? 

Can kids play on pool cover? Get the details on the differences in an article from Even if your pool safety cover is made to hold a significant amount of weight, you should never allow children to play on top of it.

How do you toddler proof a pool? 

15 Crucial Tips for Childproofing Your Swimming Pool
  1. Teach Your Kids to Swim. Kids as young as six months can begin swimming lessons.
  2. Learn CPR.
  3. Set and Share Pool Rules.
  4. Put in Safety Drain Covers.
  5. Install a Pool Fence.
  6. Get a Pool Alarm.
  7. Use the Pool Cover.
  8. Rope Off the Deep End.

Can you walk on automatic pool covers? The automatic pool cover can be walked on, but for the main purpose of rescuing someone or removing fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. However, it is not meant to be jumped on or played on. Putting the weight on the cover excessively or frequently can damage it over time.

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How much is a walkable pool cover?

Pool Cover Costs by Type
Type of Pool Cover Price Range (All-In) Average Price (All-In)
Walkable Pool Cover $600 – $2,280 $1,440
Pool Net Cover $1,200 – $3,000 $2,100
Mesh Safety Pool Cover $1,200 – $3,000 $2,100
Solid Pool Safety Cover $1,800 – $3,600 $2,700

How much do automatic pool safety covers cost?

An average automatic pool cover costs between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and build of your pool. Every pool cover is custom-made to fit your pool’s size and shape with measurements based on a free onsite estimate conducted by a local professional.

How much weight can an automatic pool cover hold?

Automatic pool covers are rated to hold around 2,000 pounds, which is a lot of weight. However, snow, ice, and water can be very heavy, too, especially if it becomes concentrated in one area. Snow alone can weigh between 12 and 20 pounds per cubic foot, and ice and water can both weigh around 60 pounds per cubic foot.

How much weight can a pool cover take?

The standard that the pool cover industry references is from ASTM, a company known and referenced widely for safety standards for many industries. The ASTM standard for pool covers requires the ability to hold at least 435 pounds.

Can you walk on a winter pool cover?

This can be installed in wooden, concrete and stone decks and features and on both shaped and rectangular swimming pools. The biggest benefit of using a winter safety cover is, yep you guessed it, safety! Kids, dogs and deer can walk across this cover without falling into the water.

How long does an automatic pool cover last?

Most automatic safety pool covers on average last 4 to 6 years if you maintain them properly. We recommend that you buy a pool cover that comes with a pro-rated warranty. That way, you can always ask for a replacement if you notice issues within a few weeks of purchase.

Who makes the best automatic pool cover?

Latham offers both Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists autocovers, but one cover option stands out from the pack. “The Eclipse [by Coverstar] is by far the best autocover system on the market,” says Smith.

Should you cover pool every night?

So, should you cover your pool every night? Yes, you should cover your pool every night for several reasons. First off, a pool cover saves energy and conserves water by decreasing the amount of make-up water and evaporation.

Should you leave a pool cover on during the day?

In dry and/or windy conditions, the evaporation rate of the pool increases. Therefore, it is generally beneficial to have a transparent or bubble cover on during daylight hours. In warm, humid conditions the evaporation rate decreases. In this case, it may be more beneficial to leave the cover off during the daytime.

Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

Covering the pool is a good way to prevent algae growth. The right cover keeps algae from entering the pool, but it also keeps leaves, bugs, bacteria, and dirt from decomposing in the pool, providing algae with food.

What temperature is too cold for a pool?

What pool temperature is too cold? Extremely cold water — 50 degrees or below — can lead to cold shock. This occurs when the body is overwhelmed by extreme cold, and it can lead to a heart attack or unconsciousness, which can lead to drowning.

Does a black pool cover heat the water?

A very common question we have noticed is “Do pool covers really heat the water?”. The short answer is YES. There are many pool blanket manufacturers claiming that their pool covers heat the water by up to 8 degrees Celsius.

What is the best color for a pool cover?

“We do recommend the gray and tan the most — not only because they coordinate well in the backyard but also because these colors hold up better to UV fading, don’t show dirt and generally look better in most backyards.”

Does a pool heat up faster with cover on or off?

Air bubbles in the pool cover act as an insulator in a similar way that your thermos would keep water warm. A pool cover will, therefore, keep your pool water warmer for longer.

What thickness pool cover is best?

After testing, we found that any solar pool cover between 12-mil and 16-mil performed best for heat retention. Higher mil solar covers absorbed more heat and were found to be more durable against the sun damage, chemical resistance, and ripping.

Are clear pool covers better than blue?

The transparency of the clear solar cover more of the sun’s UV rays to penetrate through the cover and heat the pool greater than the blue solar cover.

How do I choose a pool cover?

How to Choose the Right Pool Cover
  1. Determining The Size of Your Pool Cover. To properly cover and close, your pool cover must be that is the correct size of your pool.
  2. The Shape of Your Pool Cover.
  3. Choosing The Material of Your Pool Cover.
  4. Automatic Pool Covers.
  5. Cover Your Pool For Optimal Pool Maintenance.

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