Is the API 1169 test hard? Exam Questions. Q: Is the API 1169 exam difficult? A: It varies by the individual but we would say it is. This is based off of the pass rate of people attempting the exam without proper training or preparation.

What is pipeline certification? The API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Certification exam tests the applicant’s knowledge in relevant codes and standards necessary to perform inspection activities during construction of new onshore pipelines.

How do I become a pipeline inspector in Texas? 

Meet Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
  1. Applicants with a two year degree and two years of pipeline inspection experience.
  2. Applicants with two years of military service and two years of pipeline inspection experience.
  3. Applicants with a two-year degree and three years of general oil and gas inspection experience.

How do I become a pipeline inspector in Canada? Pipeline Inspectors perform a critical function in the construction process. Applicants for these credentials must provide evidence of minimum training and experience working in the oil and gas sector. Applicants are required to pass a monitored exam to establish knowledge of code and regulatory requirements.

Is the API 1169 test hard? – Additional Questions

How much does it cost to take the API 1169 test?

Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiners – Performance Demonstration Exams
Initial Certification API Member Fee Non-Member Fee
1169, 1184 $240 $360
TES $570 $730
571, 577, 580 $205 $260
936 $260 $365

How do I become a piping inspector?

To fill this gap, engineers in the new trade must be trained and certified in the Honors Certification Program and have the equivalent of an QA / QC engineer with at least 3-5 years of active industrial experience.

Is the API 510 exam hard?

Usually you need some experience in inspection of unfired pressure vessels for API 510 and the same for process piping for API 570 unless you are an engineer. As a holder of three API certifications and having tested in March for another the test are pretty tough. No thery are really tough!

How much do API 570 inspectors make?

API 570 Inspector pay FAQ

The national average salary for an API 570 Inspector is $52,687 per year in United States.

How long does API certification last?

API 1169 certified inspectors can recertify every 3 years as normal, but will then be required to take a web quiz every 6 years, similar to the recertification process for the API 510, 570 and 653 programs.

What does a pipe inspector do?

Overseeing the construction of pipelines to ensure compliance with all technical and safety regulations. Performing visual inspections to detect faults, damage, corrosion, or leaks in pipelines. Using equipment such as ultrasonic, X-ray, and magnetic flux systems to assist in pipeline assessment.

What is a piping inspector?

What is a pipe inspector? A pipe inspector is someone who may work in the gas, oil or construction industry. They’re responsible for evaluating pipelines and performing tests to ensure the integrity and functionality of pipes.

How do I become an inspection engineer?

In order to become an inspection engineer in India the candidates must have completed either diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate level in engineering. The popular streams for career as an Inspection engineer are B. Tech in Civil Engineering, BTech in Mechanical Engineering, B.

How many API inspectors are there?

Over 23,000 certified inspectors now exist in 118 different countries worldwide. Those 23,000 individuals hold over 41,000 certificates.

How hard is the API 653 exam?

There are 170 questions on the API 653 exam, of which only 140 are scored. The remaining 30 are pretest questions. There are 110 closed-book questions and 60 open-book questions. View the Exam Tutorial before exam day to familiarize yourself with the format.

How do I get an API Licence?

Apply Online
  1. Register at
  2. Verify email address.
  3. Enter company information.
  4. Complete product information for the engine oil or oils to be licensed (brand names, viscosity grades, API service categories, and traceability codes for packaged products).
  5. Sign the API License Agreement.
  6. Generate an application invoice.

How can I pass API exam?

What to study to pass the api 653 examination
  1. Study on your own beforehand, don´t take the course then take the exam.
  2. Study on your own beforehand, then take the course then take the exam.
  3. Don´t study beforehand, then take the course then take the exam.
  4. Take the course and don´t take the exam.

What is a scaled score of 500?

Scaled scores are created when the number of questions answered correctly is mathematically transformed so that the passing score equals 500 on a scale starting at 200 and ending at 800.

What is the passing score for API 510?

Once you sit for the exam and pass it, which will require a minimum passing score of 70% correct answers, you will receive the API ICEP endorsement for that particular program. No additional experience requirements will apply.

What is an API 510 Inspector?

Certified API 510 Pressure Vessel inspectors must have a broad knowledge base relating to maintenance, inspection, repair, and alteration of pressure vessels. The API 510 examination is designed to determine if individuals have such knowledge.

How do I become an ASME authorized inspector?

For those interested in the ASME Construction category, the following is required: attend the National Board Authorized Inspector Commission (AI) Course, receive a passing score on the Authorized Inspector Commission (AI) examination, and. have a minimum of three years of work experience.

What does an API 570 inspector do?

API 570 covers inspection, rating, repair, and alteration procedures for metallic and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) piping systems and their associated pressure relieving devices that have been placed in service. This inspection Code applies to all hydrocarbon and chemical process piping covered in 1.2.

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