What are 3 things that are important about school bus safety? 

For Parents
  • Safety Starts at the Bus Stop. Your child should arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Get On and Off Safely.
  • Use Caution Around the Bus.

What are the safety precautions in bus? 

Rules for Riding the Bus Safely
  • Take your seat promptly and sit properly, facing forward at all times.
  • Place bags and parcels under your seat or on your lap.
  • Keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times.
  • Always keep your head, hands and arms inside the bus.
  • Throwing objects inside or outside of the bus is not permitted.

What are the best ways to keep students safe on school buses? 

Behavior on the Bus:
  • Buckle up if seat belts are available.
  • Stay in your seat keeping head, arms and papers inside the bus, and talk quietly.
  • Keep aisles clear of books and bags.

What are the two safety rules we should remember while Travelling to school bus? Stand in a proper queue to board the bus. Never run after your bus once it leaves. Do not run towards/ approach the bus until the bus stops and the conductor opens the door. Never go under/ behind the bus, if any thing gets dropped out of the bus.

What are 3 things that are important about school bus safety? – Additional Questions

What should you not do on a bus?

The 9 Dangerous Things Kids Should Never Do When Taking the School Bus
  • Never run to the bus stop if you’re late.
  • Never wear clothing with hanging drawstrings or loose straps.
  • Never stand close to the curb while waiting for the bus.
  • Don’t walk too close to the front of the bus.

What four ethics should a school bus driver follow?

School Bus Safety tips for school bus drivers
  • Usually drivers follow a strict time schedule, but under no circumstances safety should be sacrificed to maintain schedule.
  • The driver should be well aware that he represents the school so he must display a clean personality with good behavior.

What are the rules applicable for school bus?

“School Bus” must be written on the back and front of the Bus. Bus must have a First-Aid-Box. The windows of Bus must be fitted with horizontal grills. There must be a Fire Extinguisher in the Bus.

What rules should be followed while standing at the bus stop waiting for school bus?

25 School Bus Safety Tips For Kids
  • Arrive at the bus stop prior to scheduled school bus time.
  • Stand at least ten feet away from the edge of the road.
  • Wait until the school bus stops, the door gets opened and the driver says okay to get on the bus.

How do you ensure safety while traveling?

15 simple travel safety tips everyone should know
  1. Don’t wear flashy jewelry.
  2. Drink responsibly.
  3. Be smart about your money.
  4. Be aware of popular scams.
  5. Know the phone number for emergency services.
  6. Use the right bag.
  7. Bring travel locks and use them.
  8. Keep digital copies of important documents.

How do you stay safe when using public transport?

8 top tips to stay safe on public transport
  1. Try to plan your route in advance.
  2. Know your exits.
  3. Stay where the people are.
  4. Always use a licensed cab or black cab.
  5. Keep your valuables secure in your bag.
  6. Trust your instincts.
  7. Spotted something suspicious?
  8. Report it.

What is safety precautionary measures?

(ˈseɪftɪ prɪˈkɔːʃən ) a precaution that is taken in order to ensure that something is safe and not dangerous.

What should you not do while traveling?

Here are fifteen you should really avoid doing when travelling.
  • Rely on English to Get You by.
  • Not Have a Plan B.
  • Be Ignorant of Local Customs.
  • Stick to the Guidebook.
  • Fly Everywhere.
  • Order Only What You Know.
  • Never Have a Cash Stash.
  • Not Know How to Get Home.

How do you spend time on a bus?

Fun Things to Do on a Bus Ride Without Electronics
  1. Nap. There’s something about the lull of a long bus ride that makes it so perfect for falling asleep.
  2. Road Trip Bingo.
  3. Write.
  4. Word Searches/Crosswords/Puzzle Books.
  5. Knit or Crochet.
  6. Twenty Questions.
  7. Ghost in the Graveyard.
  8. The “License Plate” Game.

How do you avoid travel mistakes?

10 Biggest Travel Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  1. Overpacking.
  2. Not Checking Your Cell Phone Plan.
  3. Not Booking Enough Time in Between Flights.
  4. Not Grabbing Some Local Currency at the Airport.
  5. Not Informing Your Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans.
  6. Not Buying Travel Insurance.
  7. Not Checking Visa Requirements.

How do you survive travel?

8 Secrets on How to Survive Long Term Travel
  1. Travel Slowly.
  2. Find A Hobby.
  3. Have Fresh Eyes.
  4. Have One Day Off A Week.
  5. Stop Completely For A While.
  6. Get Back To Nature.
  7. Get A Taste Of Something Different.
  8. Keep Fit And Stay Healthy.

How do you survive an 18 hour flight?

How to survive a long-haul flight
  1. Find comfortable clothes to wear on long flights.
  2. Reserve a good seat.
  3. Prepare yourself for sleep.
  4. Don’t pack too much in your cabin luggage.
  5. Take your own snacks.
  6. Move around the plane.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Relax!

How do I survive a 15 hour flight?

Tips on How to Survive a 15-hour Flight

How do I survive a 17 hour flight?

How to Survive a 17-Hour Flight in Economy
  1. Book during the off-season.
  2. Stand up every hour or two.
  3. Download your favorite music, movies, or TV shows.
  4. Use extra seats as a bed.
  5. Wear comfy clothes with a light jacket.
  6. Explore the inflight Entertainment.
  7. Use noise-cancelling headphones.
  8. Bring snacks & drink lots of water.

Can I wear a hoodie on a plane?

It’s airport screening 101: Travelers must remove coats and jackets—this includes outerwear like hooded sweatshirts, vests, and such—before going through the metal detector.

What is the world’s longest flight?

What is the longest flight in the world by distance? The longest flight in the world by distance is New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN) on Singapore Airlines clocking in at 9,537 miles.

What is the longest airplane flight you can take?

Longest non-stop flights in the world: Singapore to New York and Sydney to London
  • Singapore to New York: 18 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Darwin to London: 17 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Los Angeles to Singapore: more than 17 hours.
  • New York to Hong Kong: 17 hours.

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