What are 4 common mistakes people make with car seats? Common mistakes include routing the seat belt through the wrong belt path, failing to use a top tether for a forward-facing car seat, installing a rear-facing infant seat in the front passenger seat, and using both the seat belt and the lower anchors at the same time.

What seat should my child be in? California Law

(California Vehicle Code Section 27360.) ​Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. Children who are 8 years of age OR have reached 4’9” in height may be secured by a booster seat, but at a minimum must be secured by a safety belt.

What are some car seat safety tips? 

Car Seat Tips
  1. The back seat is the best. It is the safest place to ride for all children under age 13.
  2. Be wary of toys in the car. Choose toys that are soft and will not hurt your child in a crash.
  3. Wear your seat belt.
  4. Never leave your child alone in a car, even for a minute.

How do you restrain a child in a car seat? 

What are 4 common mistakes people make with car seats? – Additional Questions

What age can children sit in the front seat?

Children 3 years and over, up to 135cm tall must sit in the rear and use an adult seat belt. Children aged 12 years or more, or over 135cm tall, may travel the front, but must wear the seat belt.

How do you put a 4 year old in a car seat?

How can I keep my child from getting his car seat out of the arm?

Escape-me-not‘ is a simple but effective design, to keep your child safe. Prevents young children from freeing their arms while sitting in a seat with straps/harness, strollers/buggies or high chairs. Universal and adjustable – it will fit most straps! Anti-slip clips.

How do I stop my 2 year old from undoing car seat?

Take some toys or games they are able to play with in the car, but try to avoid heavy ones. If the child undoes the harness during the journey, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and repeat that the harness must be done up to save them from being hurt. Do not start again until they are back in their harness.

How do I stop my child undoing his seatbelt?

Divert their attention. Try persuading your child that there’s nothing to be gained by releasing the buckle. Show that the car doesn’t go (or it soon stops) if the belt’s undone. It helps if you’re not in a hurry to get somewhere and is best started when you get a new seat or change the car.

Are car seat chest clips safe?

That the clip safely and securely fits to the harness straps – it must not interfere with the placement of the chest pads on your child’s car seat. The chest clip MUST sit at your child’s armpit level. It is very dangerous to get this wrong.

Why are there no chest clips in Europe?

Chest clips

European car seats, by regulation, require that the child can be removed from the car seat in a single motion; so having both a crotch buckle and chest clip would breach the European regulation. That’s one reason that European car seats don’t have a chest clip.

Are 5 point harnesses safer?

We believe that using a 5-point harness is the safest way for babies and toddlers to travel. That’s why all our forward-facing and rearward-facing car seats for children up to four years old have this type of car harness for children.

Is the chest clip necessary?

FALSE! FMVSS 213 and CMVSS 213, the respective United States and Canadian standards for child restraint manufacturers, do NOT require the use of a chest clip. However, chest clips have become so ubiquitous that they’re included on the vast majority of car seats sold in the United States and Canada.

Can I use a carseat without a chest clip?

Chest clips are NOT required by federal child passenger safety seat standards.

How do you pinch a carseat test?

Make sure your harness is snug enough by doing the Pinch Test. After you buckle and tighten the harness, pinch the harness at the shoulder. If the harness is snug, your fingers will slide off the webbing. If the harness is loose, you will be able to pinch the webbing between your fingers.

Are chest clips designed to break?

It’s function is to hold harness in the right place before the accident. It’s completely normal for a chest clip to break during a collision.

Where should the retainer clip be on a car seat?


The harness should be snug, and the retainer clip should be positioned at the level of the infant’s armpit, not on the abdomen or neck area.

Where should shoulder pads be on car seat?

The top of the harness should be about 2cm below the shoulder of a child in a rear-facing child car seat, and about 2cm above the shoulder of a child in a forward-facing child car seat. It should be quite tight, so that only one or two fingers can fit between the child’s chest and harness.

Where is the chest clip supposed to be?

Chest clips should be positioned anywhere in the mid to upper chest area. Aim for armpit level which is where most carseat instruction manuals tell you to place the chest clip.

Why is it called a 5 point harness?

The five points in the name are the spots where the harness webbing attaches to the car seat. Two of the points are at each shoulder, two of the points are at baby’s hips, and the final point is where the harness buckles between the baby’s legs.

When should you use a seatbelt instead of a harness?

NHTSA recommends children remain in a forward-facing car seat with a 5-point harness until the child reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by the seat. At which time, the child can move into a belt positioning device. A belt positioning device should properly position the seat belt on the child.

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