What are the 3 types of child safety seats? There are three types of car seats: rear-facing, forward-facing, and the booster, with each best suited to protect a child based on their age and size.

What are the laws around car seats? Law: All children must be properly restrained in a federally approved child safety seat appropriate for the child’s age, weight and height up to 8 years of age or 65 lbs. Children who are at least 8 years of age or weigh 65 lbs but younger than 16 must be properly restrained in a vehicle’s seat belt.

How do you ensure car seat safety? Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It’s the best way to keep him or her safe. Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat until he or she reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer.

What are the four stages of car seat safety? According to the Pediatrics Division of Community Health and Research, there are four car seat stages that every child will grow through. They include rear-facing car seats, forward-facing car seats, booster seats, and seatbelts.

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What age does the 2 hour car seat rule end?

The advice is not to use car seats for longer than 30 minutes for babies younger than four weeks and not using car seats for more than two hours in one go for babies of all ages (The Lullaby Trust, 2016).

What age can a child use a booster seat?


This is the car seat that your child will use for the longest time – from approx. 4 years until 12 years.

How many stages of car seats are there?

There are four main categories to car seat use: rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seat, and seat belt.

What Is a Stage 2 carseat?

The second stage of car seat safety is using a forward facing car seat. In many cases the same convertible car seat can also be used forward facing providing the car seat is not expired, it still fits the child and the vehicle. It is important to check the car seat manual and vehicle manual before installation.

What is a second stage car seat?

Stage two car seats are generally accepted as being intended for toddlers. Size is a more important determinant than age, and so it’s time to move up when your child has outgrown their first, rear-facing car seat. Check the weight or height limit on the car seat they’re using to determine if they have outgrown it yet.

What is the next step after car seat?

Belt Positioning Booster Seat

Children who have outgrown their harnessed seats, and are least 5 years old, can move to a belt positioning booster until they properly fit the vehicle seat belt, usually that’s somewhere around 10-12 years old.

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