What is included in a child safety kit? A child safety kit is a preemptive measure to find your child if they are ever abducted. A child safety kit records your child’s height, weight, blood type, eye color, fingerprints, and DNA, so you can pass it off to authorities and help them find your child faster.

Is the child safety kit legit? According to recent BBB Scam Tracker reports, scammers are offering these free “kits” as a way to get their hands on sensitive information that can be used to steal a child’s identity.

What are 4 things necessary to keep a child safe? 

keeping kids safe: ​10 ways to keep children safer
  • give permission to say “No” and tell.
  • help children identify trusted adults.
  • set body boundaries.
  • teach children to check with others first.
  • teach children telephone skills.

How do I make a Child Safe Kit? 

When creating your child’s safety kit, be sure to include:
  1. First, Middle, Last Name (as well as any nicknames)
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Age.
  4. Height and weight.
  5. Gender.
  6. Ethnicity.
  7. Eye and hair color.
  8. Unique features or physical characteristics (birthmarks, glasses, tattoos, scars, piercings, etc.)

What is included in a child safety kit? – Additional Questions

What is ail child safety kit?

American Income Life No-Cost Child Safe Kit®

The No-Cost Child Safe Kit from American Income Life helps add an extra level of assurance for the family. In the event something happens to your child, you can give your child’s fingerprints, recent photo, and a detailed and easy-to-read description to the authorities.

Is the Mcgruff safe kit free?

You are not obligated to buy or change your insurance to get the Kit. The Kit is provided at no cost to you.

Is Child Safe Kit on Facebook legit?

This “Child Safety Kit” scam is initiated when Facebook users by click on a link provided in the scammer’s Facebook post. A Fort Wayne resident stated that in order to receive the “Kit” they were asked to submit personal information like their name, address and a phone number.

What comes in a McGruff safe kit?

The kit provides engaging, interactive personal safety tips, a child ID profile, a personal record card with child-safe fingerprint ink, PLUS instructions for capturing and storing your child’s DNA at home.

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