What is included in a child safety kit? A child safety kit is a preemptive measure to find your child if they are ever abducted. A child safety kit records your child’s height, weight, blood type, eye color, fingerprints, and DNA, so you can pass it off to authorities and help them find your child faster.

Is Child Safe Kit really free? (WAFB) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is alerting parents to a scam involving nonexistent child safety kits being offered free of charge. The scammers contact the parent offering the kits and stressing they are the best way members of law enforcement can quickly locate their child in an emergency.

How do I make a Child Safe Kit? 

When creating your child’s safety kit, be sure to include:
  1. First, Middle, Last Name (as well as any nicknames)
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Age.
  4. Height and weight.
  5. Gender.
  6. Ethnicity.
  7. Eye and hair color.
  8. Unique features or physical characteristics (birthmarks, glasses, tattoos, scars, piercings, etc.)

Is Child Safe Kit on Facebook legit? This “Child Safety Kit” scam is initiated when Facebook users by click on a link provided in the scammer’s Facebook post. A Fort Wayne resident stated that in order to receive the “Kit” they were asked to submit personal information like their name, address and a phone number.

What is included in a child safety kit? – Additional Questions

What is a no cost Child Safe Kit?

If your child is reported missing, a no-cost Child Safe Kit® will have all the important information about your child ready, saving valuable time in helping authorities find them. Get your no-cost Child Safe Kit® today. Learn ways to improve your child’s safety using valuable information for you and your child.

Is the McGruff safety kit legit?

In 1992, the McGruff Safe Kits were officially licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council, and aimed to teach children about safety in a fun and friendly way. Today, the goal is the same.

What comes in a McGruff safe kit?

The kit provides engaging, interactive personal safety tips, a child ID profile, a personal record card with child-safe fingerprint ink, PLUS instructions for capturing and storing your child’s DNA at home.

What is McGruff first name?

The correct answer is McGruff the Crime Dog. Khalilah guessed Scooby Doo. Monya got it right, despite misspelling it. And Kyle, oh Kyle was so close but so far with his response: Ruff McGruffin.

Is McGruff a cop?

McGruff was created by Dancer Fitzgerald Sample in 1979 and debuted in 1980 with a series of public service announcements educating citizens on personal security measures, such as locking doors and putting lights on timers, in order to reduce crime.

McGruff the Crime Dog
Family Scruff (nephew)

When was McGruff released?

Back in 1980, a dog in a rumpled trench coat said, “You don’t know me yet. But you will.” Since then, McGruff the Crime Dog® has taught millions of people that the police can’t fight crime alone – crime prevention is everybody’s business and everyone can help “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.”

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